David Islam

"Simply the best coaching boot I have worn. Comfort and security of fit and feel. Great customer service and they generously give back to the skating community!"

Doug Leigh

"Simply an outstanding product catering to the needs of the skating world. They give time and attention in working with you to achieve your exceptional goals. That's Jackson Skates: committed to your journey."

Brian Orser

"Jackson Ultima has been a great choice for some of my athletes. Progressive thinking and custom service seem to be the answer."

Tammy Gambill

"I trust Jacksons because they are super dependable!"

Shanyn Vallon

"With Jackson you truly are treated like family. They pour their their heart and soul into taking care of each and every customer. They work just as hard OFF the ice as skaters and coaches work ON the ice! Love being part of the #JacksonFamily."

Artem Torgashev

"Always comfortable when I'm teaching."

Robin Szolkowy

"I love my Jackson skates - all of them!"

Peter Johansson

"My Premier boots are very comfortable and allow me to teach all day long."

Jere Michael

"I can’t say enough about my Jackson family. As a coach it can be very daunting and challenging not being an expert when it comes to boots. Raj and Kevin are always there to communicate with me at any moment. They appreciate and acknowledge my role as a coach and my worries, and at same time are patient and take time to help me understand things. Their care for athletes is amazing!"

Manon Perron

"Fabulous service from the entire Jackson team - an amazing staff. My custom boots are always comfortable. I am 100% satisfied."

Michael Marinaro

"Softec skates provide everything I need for a long day at the rink. I can always count on them to keep my feet warm and comfortable, no matter how many hours I spend in them."

Lyndon Johnston

"Comfortable, Reliable, Professional all the way!"

Adam Blake

"I am a member of #JacksonFamily because the quality of their product is just as amazing as their customer service and involvement in the skating community. There is no other brand of boot I would rather skate in." 

Amanda Evora

"Proud to be a part of the #JacksonFamily since 2004! Thank you for helping me stay on my feet all these years, but also with such style!"

Jonathan Cassar

"Jackson Ultima allows us to defy gravitational limits. We are pushing the athletics and artistry in all directions."

Luis Garcia

"The best moments of my life have happened with My Jacksons - #JacksonFamily."

Stephen Chasman

"I recommend Jackson skates because it is a sturdy well-built product. I have not ever had foot problems such as corn's or bunions while skating in Jackson skates. They deliver a high-quality form fit for the elite skaters."

Adam Leib

"Since not trying a new brand of boots in thirty five years, I had concerns with old injuries and arthritis. The Jackson Rep team listened and offered options. I can now teach and demonstrate with much more comfort and stability for the whole day. Thank you Jackson!"

Ashley Deavers

"I've been skating on Ultima blades ever since they came out and still love them. I won't dance on any other blade while competing or coaching."

Carrie Wall

"I love my Jackson boots, toe to heel comfort coaching everyday!"

Devin Matthews

"I got my new boots and did a few double toes and double loops right away! They are awesome! Thank You!"

Tracy Edgerly

"I love my Jacksons! Most comfortable skates I have ever had."

Rodrigo Menendez

"Because no later than 25 minutes after using them I can do all my jumps and spins, pain free ALWAYS!"

Mathew Gates

"I routinely recommend Jackson dance boots for my ice dancers. My Junior dance team, Katarina DelCamp and Maxwell Gart switched to Jackson dance boots this season, and I am very happy with the result. The boots are aesthetically pleasing, and allow for deeper knee bend. I myself have switched to the dove tail Jackson dance blades and have noticed increased edge control and speed."

Phillip Mills

"Spending 50 - 60 hours a week on ice can be painful.... Not with my Jacksons! The comfort and fit as well as the design makes my job a pleasure!!"

Naomi Nam Poor

"I love Jacksons because the staff is so friendly and very involved in wanting to find the perfect fit for the skater's needs!"

Darlene Sparks

"The product is great and the customer service is superb!!!"

Megan Sudicky

"Jackson's skates have always been my favorite brand, they fit and perform well! I believe #JacksonFamily is a skating culture, love for the ice and supported by a high performance brand. I will forever be a Jackson supporter!"

Max Frossin

"Good boots and blades for my skaters."

Simon Briggs

"I am proud to say that we choose Jackson skates for many of our elite athletes and developing figure skaters. Jackson have shown time and time again that they are at the cutting edge of boots and blades manufacturing, and are on the pulse with what the skater needs to succeed. Jackson skates provide excellent comfort, support, and reliability, which we as coaches rely on to give our skaters the best opportunities to train and compete season to season."

Laura Lipetsky

"I love Jackson because of the great service and products they provide. As a skating coach, I want the best for my students. Therefore I use Jackson."