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From the leader in technology comes the latest in innovation.  With design centred around incredible fit, the new Synergy Elite and Synergy Pro boots by Jackson have taken it to a new level - now one of the LIGHTEST BOOTS ON THE MARKET

The Synergy Boot was developed using a proprietary blend of high performance materials. Utilizing a high pressure/high temperature molding process exclusive to Jackson, the resulting boot is incredibly light, very strong, with exceptional heat molding properties.  This Synergistic process combined with the Jackson Wrap and Flex Notch design creates a responsiveness never before seen in the industry.

On top of it all, with the look of carbon fiber (but not the rigidity!), you will be turning heads everywhere you go!

The Synergy Elite is built with a 60 Stiffness Rating, or Firm.

a.  Asymmetrical interior ankle pads wrap anatomically around the foot for customized fit and comfort

b.  Ankle punch outs that are molded into the design

c.  Unique 2-piece molded side-panels are cut resistant and fully heat moldable. Combined with the Jackson Wrap this provides unparalleled lateral support

d.  Super lightweight 3D injection/ lasted quarters with lateral stability and flexibility

e.  Textured new-age carbon fiber look

f.  Supreme tongue prevents slipping & twisting of laces, eliminating lace bite

g.  Dura-guard over the toes lining provides cut resistance

h.  Non-abrasive lightweight antibacterial fabric lining

i.  Soft collar provides superior leg extensions without aggravating the tendons

j.  Swarovski crystals

The Fusion Sole is constructed from lightweight nylon composite, which is torque resistant and waterproof. A rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption.

The Synergy Elite is also available in the following Sole options, utilizing our Rapid Custom program:

The innovative PBX sole provides flexibility and rigidity that, combined with ABS insoles, provides unmatched weight and strength.  The 3 piece design allows the use of ABS heels for strength and security of screws while featuring a sleek, low-profile look.

Leather Carbon Fiber (LCF) sole is 15% lighter than traditional leather Leather Cork Composite (LCL) soles. They also are water & torque resistant and the bottom rubber layer provides non-slip blade mount.

Each Synergy Boot includes even more innovation in our NEW Supreme Insoles.

Pronation is present
Regular Foot

(requires standard volume underfoot)


Introducing the first insole created specifically for the skating motion.

Designed to enhance alignment, the unique 'reversed arch' creates a linear knee bend for more stability & power!

What is pronation?

Pronation refers to the way in which your foot and tibia roll inward at the ankle, causing the knee joint to turn in more than normal.  This misalignment can lead to an increased risk of injury through the pronation itself, or the attempt of the skater to compensate for the pronation.

The vast number of jumps, spins, turns, and edgework that require proper alignment make the Supreme Insole the ideal solution for all skaters!

Supreme 6000 Tongue

After gathering feedback through our extensive network of Tech Reps, Coaches, and athletes of all levels, we derived that there was a need for a tongue with lace bite features, flexibility, support, and comfort. Jackson Ultima invested in the R&D to develop the best option and have produced the Supreme Tongue, included in all Synergy Boots!

Some of the revolutionary features include:

a.  Molded insert eliminates lace bite and prevents slipping and twisting of the tongue

b. Flex design on molded piece and overlay provides the flexibility and support needed without restrictions

c.  Innovative design eliminates laces bunching in one area after flexing and sit-spins. A FIRST for figure skating, this important feature keeps the pressure evenly distributed over the Deltoid Ligaments, eliminating lace bite

d.  High performance felt is resilient, but retains strength, feel and comfort. Proven technology in the hockey industry for decades

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Jackson Custom

Standard sizes fit most requirements, however Jackson Custom can build a Boot to your exact specification.  Jackson has an extensive Inventory of Lasts (AAA to EEE) to fit all foot shapes! 

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