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Jackson 6000 Tongue

Jackson’s 6K Tongue

While the evolution of boots the last 10 years has happened at an exponential pace, tongue design has been slow to move. That being said, we are here to show you change.

Tongues may seem insignificant, but they are an essential part of your skates. Keeping tongue consistency reduces premature breakdown. When a tongue overly compresses, it creates space in the skate which allows the foot to move. Once the foot moves, the padding internally will start to break down. If a tongue begins to soften, the spring effect of the tongue pushing back is also lost.

To address these issues, we looked at many different high impact sports and quickly found technology from our sibling on the ice, hockey.

Starting from the inside, the internal padding is made from a 10 mm thick felt commonly used in hockey skates. The felt padding maintains its density better than foam over time which will reduce lace bite and rubbing. The tongue is pre molded which improves the fit to your foot.

The top layer of the tongue features slots to keep your laces from bunching up. Maintaining even lace pressure allows the tongue to spring back in action after sit spins and even simple jumps. Added notches on the top of the tongue further help maintain the even lacing pattern and stop the tongue from twisting.

The real benefit of keeping that even lace pressure is improving the longevity of the spring in your step throughout your time on the ice. No more dying out at the end of free programs. Tongues will maintain their spring and pop!

Check out the 6K Tongue on all our 5000 series skates. Desire 6K on your 2000 series boots? No problem. We can make the change using our Rapid Custom program! Just request it at time of order.

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