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For all those that couldn’t watch it or like a great read, here is a transcription of Kaetlyn Osmond’s interview with Jason Brown ahead of Worlds 2021.

Kaetlyn: Welcome back to Kicking It with KO in partnership with Jackson Ultima! I am so excited to be joined by the ever-optimistic Jason Brown. Let’s just start from the very beginning, how did you start skating?

Jason: I...

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Wow. What a whirlwind of a year it has been with the culmination of the World Championships in Stockholm Sweden. A huge applause to all of the skaters who competed. With varying degrees of rink closures, it was great to see everyone come together for this event.

MEDALISTS: Nathan Chen (1), Alexandra Trusova (3), Aleksandra Boikova + Dmitrii Kozlovskii (3)

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What hollow do you get your skates sharpened at?

So much about skating can feel out of control. From competition skating order picked at random to scheduling when you can skate, it can all seem a little chaotic. Skate Sharpening is one thing some skaters have taken control of. We have a tip for you to gain control, too.

First let’s meet some skaters that sharpen their own skates. While being...

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Watch Where You Walk:

Congrats on your new skates! Ice skating is the most unique form of exercise. Protect your investment by watching where you walk. Hard surfaces like concrete, linoleum, etc. can dull your skate’s blades making it unsafe to skate. While most rinks have rubber mats leading from lobby to rink, you should purchase a pair of hard-plastic “guards” to walk around in your skates....

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