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Proper Fitting Figure Skates w. Lee Hill of United Cycle

Lee Hill was the lead figure skating tech at United Cycle in Edmonton for many years. He is revered in western Canada for his work. Lee recently retired this summer, but was kind enough to share with us some of his knowledge in properly fitting skates!

With the options available to skaters when purchasing figure skates today there are a number of factors that should be considered.

  1. Regardless of the level of the skater, the following assessment should be made on all skaters relating to: weight, skill level, shape of foot, abnormalities of foot, type of skater and hours on the ice.
  2. The boot should be stiff enough to provide the amount of support required but not too stiff to prevent the skater from bending their knees.
  3. The boot should fit the shape of the foot with regards to width of heel, width at ball of foot, volume of foot, and correct length.

We are seeing more skating related injuries due to improperly fitted skates. Injuries can be career ending, or result in loss of valuable training time. It is important to find a good quality boot that works for the skater and not use a boot just because a high level skater is wearing them. If you are not sure what boot to use ask questions, check what other skaters are wearing and the performance of the boot and if there are injury issues. Coaches and parents do not always know what is best for the foot.

Jackson Ultima is providing skate/boots that are adaptable to a large variety of foot shapes and are heat moldable. They are willing to listen to the retailer on any issues that arise and are willing to make changes to make the necessary improvements. They are also very innovative, coming out with new products and changes to help enhance the skater’s ability.

-Lee Hill

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