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Quarantine Figure Skate Care Tips

Quarantine Figure Skate Care

With the current corona-virus situation, it is imperative we take good care of our figure skates while staying safe at home. Here are a few tips to take care of your skates when off the ice for extended periods of time.

Blades Can Rust / Depending on the model of blades you wear, they could rust from even the tiniest bit of moisture. Take a small amount of WD40 or a 3–1 oil, apply to a rag and lightly coat the blade. This will provide a protective barrier. If you wear Matrix Blades, our stainless steel runner won’t rust, so you are covered there!

Storage Matters / Make sure your skates come OUT of your skate bag. You don’t want moisture or odors to build up in the bag which can transfer to your boots. You want the skates to stay in a temperature controlled environment like your bedroom. Garages could stay musky or damp. Just be aware of where your skates are being stored.

Take the skate guards off. Even soft terry guards can trap moisture. Do a visual inspection of your guards. If you see any dark spots (ie rust) do not store your blades in the guards. You will want to purchase new ones. If guards are clean, after a few days of letting the guards dry, you could put the soft guards back on for storage. It’s a good idea to also remove the insoles to let any moisture escape.

Try On At Home / Odds are if you haven’t worn your skates in a few weeks, they won’t feel the same. As our feet and bodies change, it’s a good idea to try skates on at home before returning to the ice. You don’t want that first freestyle session wasted by trying to re-tie skates over and over.

Make an appointment with your skate tech when it is safe. Get a fresh skate sharpening as well as check the fit of your figure skates; just in case. Might as well start fresh with a new pair of laces as well!

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