Barefoot Bootie – Jackson Ultima Skates


From the ‘Owners of Fit’, introducing the Barefoot Bootie by Jackson Ultima.

Always pushing innovation, the Barefoot Bootie is designed to prevent irritation & injury and increase comfort, eliminating the possibility of needing to use a generic gel sock.

With the added benefit of incorporating anti-microbial materials and being machine-washable, you will be using your Barefoot Bootie for sessions to come!

Easier break-in on new boots and increased longevity, decreasing premature breakdown

Increased performance vs socks, dramatically reducing and in most cases, eliminating blisters

Jackson Custom

Standard sizes fit most requirements, however Jackson Custom can build a Boot to your exact specification.  Jackson has an extensive Inventory of Lasts (AAA to EEE) to fit all foot shapes! 

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