At Jackson, we offer 3 great blade technologies that meet the needs of World Class athletes. Superior blade manufacturing and processes delivers industry leading consistency and quality.

Matrix blades combine an ultra-lightweight, advanced aircraft-grade aluminum chassis with a premium grade stainless runner.  Lighter and faster with the superior edge life of stainless steel.  Enhanced edge control through tapered design in Advanced Series.

For those who prefer a traditional design, our Apex Advanced blades provide you with the strength of steel and a Titanium coating, which hardens the blade for superior edge life and less frequent sharpening with exceptional durability. 
The tapered design gives you the advanced control you demand!

Designed in response to demand by top coaches, the lightweight cutout design with chrome finish in our Legacy Lite series is the perfect graduation from our Introductory blades.

The technology in both blade design and manufacturing processes results in Ultima blades that lead the industry in quality, performance, & value.


Our superior technologies are utilized in our 3 defined Blade Series':
Advanced Blades
Specialty Blades
Legacy Series


Our blade families allow skaters and their coaches to select a preferred Pick Pattern and transition from an intermediate level to advanced as their skating skills evolve.  A consistent rocker eases the transition within each family.

Incorporates a Diagonal Cut Pick design, providing a lower drag tooth & lift angle

Allows you to get to the toe pick faster for take offs on jumps

Incorporates a Straight Cut Pick design, meaning there is a higher drag tooth and bigger 2nd pick than diagonal family for better stability on take offs

Slightly higher lift angle than diagonal family allows for easier spins

Incorporates an Advanced Cross Cut Pick Symmetry - excellent for those hitting the toe picks too fast

The highest lift angle and drag tooth of the 3 families, superior for spins & axle take offs

Features 7 foot rocker for enhanced maneuverability required in Dance & Synchro disciplines

Higher stanchions on Dance & Synchro blades provides the advantage of deeper edges

With the enhanced maneuverability of a 7’ rocker, Legacy Lite 7 is an ideal solution for skaters competing in both Freestyle and Synchro disciplines