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Equally as important as your Boot & Blade is protecting your feet.

Introducing the latest in innovation by Jackson, our Supreme Insoles and Barefoot Bootie.

Designed specifically for the figure skating motion, the Supreme Insoles with their unique 'reversed arch' enhance alignment, creating a linear knee bend for more stability & power!

The revolutionary Barefoot Bootie will make your gel sleeves a thing of the past; your feet will thank you!

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Introducing the first insole created specifically for the skating motion.

Designed to enhance alignment, the unique 'reversed arch' creates a linear knee bend for more stability & power!


Pronation is present
Wider Foot - requires less volume underfoot

Pronation is present
Regular Foot - requires standard volume underfoot

Pronation is present
Narrower Foot - requires more volume underfoot

What is pronation?

Pronation refers to the way in which your foot and tibia roll inward at the ankle, causing the knee joint to turn in more than normal.  This misalignment can lead to an increased risk of injury through the pronation itself, or the attempt of the skater to compensate for the pronation.

The vast number of jumps, spins, turns, and edgework that require proper alignment make the Supreme Insole the ideal solution for all skaters!



These propietory insoles have undergone scientific testing at The University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), examining the effect of an orthopedic insole on ankle stability in ice skating.

Minimal research had been conducted in the past that evaluated the bio-mechanical effect of the foot placement relative to blade alignment on the stability of the ankle.


Subjects performed on-ice skating with and without the insoles. Those with wider feet used the 3° insole and narrower the 7°. Pressure sensor instruments provided readings of each skater’s center of pressure (COP). The COP and the location of the blade were then compared - optimal stability occurs when the COP is equal to the blade location.


The use of the insoles allowed the skater’s COP to be closer to the blade of the skate, providing higher ankle stability. Since the motion of skating is drastically different than walking, the optimization of the skating boot should be specific to this unique COP.

Since the risk of injury is often related to posture & stability, Supreme Insoles will greatly reduce the risk of injury. The unique ‘reversed arch’ feature enables skaters to experience a skating motion rather than a walking motion that every other insole on the market offers.


From the ‘Owners of Fit’, introducing the Barefoot Bootie by Jackson Ultima.

Always pushing innovation, the Barefoot Bootie is designed to prevent irritation & injury and increase comfort, eliminating the possibility of needing to use a generic gel sock.

With the added benefit of incorporating anti-microbial materials and being machine-washable, you will be using your Barefoot Bootie for sessions to come!

Easier break-in on new boots and increased longevity, decreasing premature breakdown

Increased performance vs socks, dramatically reducing and in most cases, eliminating blisters

Available in black and tan