Jackson Ultima is the only manufacturer in the industry that can provide you your first skate all the way to your last!

Our Skates are the Perfect Match between comfort, support, & design in both the boot and blade.  Each skate is designed with 2 key attributes:

Specific Support Ratings to ensure the boots have the appropriate level of support for the skater’s skill level and body characteristics.

Each boot is matched with the appropriate blade design for the skill level of the skater.

Utilize our Jackson Ultima Fit Guide to help determine which Jackson Ultima Skate is the perfect match for your level.

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Our Fusion Skates have microfiber uppers inlaid with Swarovski crystals for lightweight and stylish design.  U-shaped cuff pattern and adjusted back height allows for maximum flexibility without losing support.  Fit has been engineered to reduce pressure and provide better heel-lock and stability.

The Fusion Series boots are matched with the appropriate Ultima blade for the skill and physical characteristics of the skater.
Freestyle Boot --> Aspire XP Blade
Elle Boot --> Mirage Blade
EVO Boot --> Mark IV Blade





The Fusion Sole is constructed from lightweight nylon composite, which is torque resistant and waterproof.  A rubber inlay provides non-slip blade mount and superior shock absorption.

Our flagship technology, we design boots to fit tight when cold.  With Jackson's Heat Moldable Fit System, your Skate Technician uses heat to soften and mold the boots.  As the boot cools, it retains the shape of your foot. 

Custom fit in minutes!

The Fusion Series is built using Jackson's Elite last, which provides a wider toe box to reduce pressure, and narrower heels for better heel-lock and stability.

Designed with Support Ratings ensures the appropriate level of support for the skater's skill level.
Boots are matched with the appropriate blades.


The Jackson Ultima Ascend Series is perfect for beginners!  They are designed with specific Support Ratings to ensure the boot has the appropriate level of support for the skater's skill level and body characteristics.  We then match the boot with the appropriate blade design.  From Ultima Mark II to Aspire XP, no other skate manufacturer comes close to our skate offering.
Artiste Boot --> Mark IV Blade
Mystique Boot --> Mark II Blade
Excel Boot --> Mark II Blade