Jennifer Louthan, Kinzie's Closet

"Oh.. I have lots of good things to say, but to narrow it down.... Jackson is awesome to work with. Their customer service is the best, bar none. Jackson takes care of warranty issues asap. No fussing, no hassle. The available widths in Jackson fits more feet than any other brand. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed that with some other brands, people have complained about foot problems associated with their boots/skates... especially in the achilles area. I haven’t had that many with Jackson... which is a good thing." 

Jon Register, Skate Service Specialist

"Jackson is my number one skate brand for several reasons-fit, performance, quality, value and ingenuity. No one else even comes close."

John Harmata, Geppeto's

"What we are hearing from our customers is no surprise... Jackson offers a great range of ice skates from beginner to adult. Quality vs value... no comparison when comparing to others."

Bruce Surdin, USA Skates

"Jackson is the most consistent brand I sell and the customer service is hands down the best in the industry!"

Patti Larkin - Houston Skate & Sports

"Jackson skates come alive and fit the foot beautifully once you heat them in the Jackson convection oven. "

Therese Asselin, Aiguiso Pro

"À vos patins. Situé à Québec, Aiguiso-Pro Inc est un aiguiseur de patins hors pair et un magasin où l'on trouve tout le nécessaire pour le hockey et le patinage artistique. Leurs spécialités : l'aiguisage, le profilage et le recentrage. Le personnel d'Aiguiso-Pro Inc a développé une méthode d'analyse qui lui permet d'offrir un aiguisage personnalisé à chaque patineur."

David Healey, Westside Skate

"Jackson Ultima Good Skates, Good People! When I do a fitting, I can trust on Jackson boots and Ultima's blades for there comfort, elegant design and quality."

Jonathan English, The Sharper Edge

"Quality & Price! Jackson provides a wide range of boots and blades that provide both excellent performance and exceptional quality for the right price. There is something for everyone, from recreational beginner to the International Competitor."

Stephanie Martin & John Rohskothen, Rainbo Sports

Stephanie: "I like the quality for the price and they hold up really well."

John: "I like Jackson for their reliable and innovative products."

Scott Cooke, Cooke's Skate Supply

"The new 5000 series Jackson Boots, heat mold and fit like no other boot on the market."

James Reyes, Ultimate Skate & Hockey

"Jackson really listens and supporting their retailers. They do a great job of involving them in the development process."

James Skibin, Ice House Skate Shop

"Besides the equipment itself, the two most important aspects to consistent, successful skating are lacing correctly and sharpening correctly."

Rick Stephens - Highland Ice Arena

"We started with Jackson as soon as they had product to ship. At that time Jackson provided a very good, well priced skating set that would fit a full volume foot. This came at the right time, as figure skates were becoming too expensive for our learn to skate customers.

Jackson single handedly changed the course of figure skating. They were the first to bring quality boots at a lower cost. First to have a heat moldable, lightweight and microfiber boot. Their boots are easy to manipulate to the shape of any foot. Jackson then embarked into making their own blades. The Ultima blade line followed Jackson's practice of high quality at a lower cost.

The Ultima blades came out of the box with a superior finish and a high-quality edge. They are easy to sharpen, plus the edge lasts longer than other blades. My favorite in the Matrix. It is an aluminum holder with a stainless steel blade, making a super light combination. These blades are easy to mount because the aluminum holder shape and plate never change. I have found that the sharpening on The Matrix blades last 50% longer than a regular blade. Jackson is always pushing the envelope.

I'm extremely excited about the new DJ5000 series. I have been using these boots for about a year now. The carbon fiber sole gives better feel to the ice and makes the boot even lighter. They're easy to mount blades to and to care for. Jackson is ever-evolving, bringing new products and ideas to figure skating. I enjoy working with Jackson, and I am proud to sell their product."

Aislinn Munck - Home Ice

"I grew up in Helena, Montana where there wasn’t a specialty figure skating shop within 400 miles.  When my skating level surpassed what a pre-mounted skate package could offer, I found myself my dad measuring every possible angle and dimension of my feet with a tape measurer sending measurements off to a store on the other side of the country and holding our breath. Because I couldn’t stop thinking about how much money this cost my parents—I spent hours lining up the blade, tracing and marking where to drill on the soles and adding layer after layer of snow seal to the beautiful and fragrant leather.   There was no way I was going to mess this up… THAT’S what being a skate technician means to me. It’s not about a sale.  This isn’t just another pair of boots and blades. This is a customer’s passion and their hard earned money that they have chosen to invest. It wasn’t until I started my 6 year career with Disney on Ice that I began to consider that different feet, different skating styles and different balance preferences required unique equipment and treatment. So many different brands, so many different sharpening preferences, mounting preferences and ways to tie a pair of skates; this was when I first really developed an appreciation for how necessary diversity is in the skate industry.  After I retired from Disney, I moved to Boston - best city in the world, in my humble personal opinion. January of 2017, I officially bought the skating store I had managed and opened my own business, with the sole purpose of helping every skater, regardless of age or level find the best boots and blades, uniquely catered to their skating needs.  I named the business Home Ice, because well…. The ice is and always will be my home."

Seth Greigo - Coyotes Ice

"Being part of the Jackson family is getting a perfect fit, and knowing that your skates will perform under pressure."