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Heat Molding Figure Skates and Why?

Heat Molding Figure Skates and Why?

Feet are uniquely different! No one is the same and we recognize that. With true heat fit technology, Jackson boots can shape to fit any type of foot.

The heat sensitive material, surlyn, runs from heel to toe in our intermediate and elite series boots. When cold, this material is very firm, but when heated up, it is soft and pliable.

By design, the entire boot into the oven and achieve a truly customized fit within minutes. We commonly refer to this as Instant Custom! While the boot is warm, the skater needs to lace them up. NO walking for at least 15 minutes. This time will always depend on the environment you are in. During this time the boot will shape around the ankle bones, forefoot and toes.

For bunions and bone spurs, a little bit of spot punching will help create a pocket to reduce pain and pressure. This can be done by applying light heat and a quick spot punch. In some situations, spot punching can be done with a boot fresh out of the oven.

After the boot has cooled, the skater should wait at least 8 hours to jump in them. This ensures that all the layers of the boot have cooled.

There is a misconception that you can’t heat mold once the blades are attached. It is ok to reheat the boots because the heat will not get hot enough to affect the steel. If the initial heat mold doesn’t quite shape properly, it is ok to heat a second time.

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