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Jackson 5300 Elite Boots

Tradition Meets Innovation

Tradition meets innovation with the new Jackson 5300. The 5300 is the evolution from the top selling Elite 5200. We took feedback from many elite athletes, coaches and skate techs to create the new 5300 boots.

What’s different from 52. to 53? First is our path back to leather. Traditional leather maintains it’s shape the best and will mold and shape to your foot better than any other material. This blended with a lightweight microfiber liner is a perfect match for comfort and performance.

The 5300 features our new 6000 series tongue. The 6k Tongue is pre molded with slots to keep your laces from bunching up. Maintaining even lace pressure allows the tongue to spring back in action after sit spins and even simple jumps.

With a stiffness rating of 75, the Elite 5300 is a perfect match for skaters working on double jumps or higher. As always, visit the Fit Guide with your skate tech to determine what is your perfect match.

We Couldn’t Forget The Crystals!

Additional Features:

Swarovski Crystals

LCF Carbon Fiber Sole

Elite Last

Rolled Collar

For More Information: JacksonUltima.com

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