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NEW Ultima Apex Series Blades

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NEW Ultima Apex Series Blades

We’ve conducted tireless hours of R&D, testing multiple versions of the product on figure skaters elite & recreational, skating coaches and professional show skaters. We took skater input to leading skate technicians all over the world to craft the perfect blade for you. Combining tradition with innovation, here are the the NEW Apex Series Blades.


Tapered Edges = Faster

• Tapered Edges create less friction in comparison to traditional edges. The result is better edge control and much faster glide.

Titanium Coating = Stronger

  • Titanium coating hardens the steel for increase edge life and less frequent sharpening
  • Edge durability is drastically improved with superior shine


Elite Skate Tech: “Mounting was a breeze and the mounting plates met the contour of the sole very well. I didn’t need to sand or shim the sole at all.”

Team USA Figure Skater I feel like I can trust my edges a little more. I can hold an edge deeper and longer without falling over.”

Professional Show Skater “My edges last much longer. Being on shows all over, we don’t know how the ice will be. These blades hold an edge much longer”

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