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United States Collegiate National Champion: Nhi Do

For Immediate Release / The Rinks-Westminster Ice:

17-year-old Nhi Do, representing University of California Irvine won the Senior Ladies title at the 2018 United States Collegiate Figure Skating Championship. This year’s National event was held at Adrian College in Michigan. 24 full time College students from all over the US competed
in the Senior...

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Jackson Ultima Support Rating System

Find The Support Rating Icon!

In our figure skates, we offer game changing technologies to advance the modern day skater. We have heat moldable materials, a wrap system and flex notches. But did you know about the support rating system? Our support rating system allows you to get the skate in the style and the cut you want, but with the stiffness that you are...

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What does the #JacksonFamily mean to you?

I’ve been in Matrix blades for a number of years now and I feel like I can control my speed and edges quite a bit better. The #JacksonFamily has been truly remarkable, ensuring that my blades are strong and that I will always have everything ready when it comes time to switch into a new set of skates.

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Ice melts beneath the blades and reduces friction to near zero. Soon you’ll begin to glide…Glide. That’s the first sensation you will feel. But be careful, without resistance, your natural walking stride causes the legs to split!

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#JacksonFamily chatted with Corey Circelli ahead of the summer and got to know this SUPER talented young athlete!

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